Schedule 2020.

Aeid daed seag bidde.

The noted change in style comnes an retouch from retro to modern in technique. The three colours white, black and red background and a red eye tool removal in paint shop pro 2020.
This drawing technique is in many ways where i started back in 1990. The advantage is you can operate three colours without clicking the pointer a lot.
The coming pages will consist of this technique i call technique.
Red series does not imply this remedy.
A series of abstracts shall remne these aquirations of what was from the beginning.
Here follows a list of some of my sketche’s directives.

  • Strange combinations of young an old 2003-
  • Portraits 2005-
  • Friend 2007-
  • Father 2007-
  • Red series 2011-
  • Technique 2020-
  • Calculate !this

    The emulation of paint on computer is not easy infact i describe it as an artificial almost. In nones you wouldn’t know where to begin.

    The momenteous mair i am. An efty clenne thirst’s demise later.

    Their pontiffe’s prour an ‘ease. You are welcomed.