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upon the nature ov this zite

1. these be 2mins, no-photo sketches on marker / mouse
2. rendered, scanned handdrawn / painted has occured as an idea,
3. their multitude.

4. i’ve reconed ca. 30000 images in a decade
5. since i began in 1990 the computers have’nt gotten much better
6. i utilize paint shop pro 2020 (registered full version)
7. i sometimes don’t draw conteurs since shadow / effect takes time
8. their simple – yet could you do them?

9. google / search attempts to find similar artistry has failed – since most in some manner manage / effectualize photoes
10. programen’ graphics / new drawn, type – vs. converten graphics to program code
11. over one million hits 10 years ago
12. over 5 years of none photo sketchen

13. some poetry
14. only legitimate admin / creator
15. leave a comment

16. THE EZINE “zit” is free yet asofyet only estimated to be produced – it will draft the artworld onnette annuine 4 numbers…

sincerely, m. pryce 12th july 2020

Notice 2020

Let’s see where I go with this next. If you comment/wish what it should be.

Definition art “new retro”. Generated, non-photo, merged and painted.

Anyway’s how did 10 pieces a day for more than 12 years become 23 pages? Next. Inactivity. Clueless. You answer me!

Although Pryce is an MONOPOLY figure, it does look like im not the only “artist” there. There’s a TV-station named PRYCE, now.

-Matieu Pryce (a.k.a D_pryce on PALTALK)

Payment options/valued by/competition

Since the digital art market is a little hard to value. Someone has to outgo innit’s definition.

The vast ammount of free accessible gigabytes out there leaves the impression art is little worth.

I insist the internet shall not leave any of us without a name.

The first things I done: (see portfolio)

“Make you me.”

Now make me make you a frame.

The obsessed maniac maker minds you an challenge to create you.

This will be a minature frame out of a photo.

First contender free.

(see contact)

– M.Pryce

promo/inprint quality notice

Those of you whom have tried print my pieces will notice the pixel resolution decreases inprint.
An notice to test another format appeared onsite a while ago.
I paint in the .psp standard and save in .jpg.
The .png, the .gif both show in browsers. An attempt to solve this issue shall commence.

You may of course wan’t to give info on this.

If you have any solution on this plz comment or send mail.

It might be the programme standard is getting of late compatibility with printers.

(paint shop pro 7.0 jasc, later bought by corel, which i have fanaticly performed for more than 20 years)
(it came with an animation part i pursued thoroughly)
(any contribution or promotional agreement – assigned job – will make me buy a newer programme)


public appearance

Since no-one has volunteered to be portrayed. I have volunteered to portray no-one.
Well not exactly. Some of the persons I know may recognize themselves.
The digital portraits are in no way painted with any-other photo than a photo of my palette for an digital brush.
Finding background sketching cheaty and insincere. A more legit me appears all the more genuine calculations.
Never-the-less a-make a-new a-stound and colour destiny by hand.
You will be first. You whomever you are. To assign me.

Iffin’ you’d fancy an oil-on-canvas the prize may be debated due their prospect of time usage.

Digital portraits now only 100$ or euro. Publicity on-page optionable. A photography upload required. assign photo for portrait

Aprx. visitors daily about 200.

Anonymity no problem.

All works © matieu pryce

P.S. I do draw by memory.
P.P.S Donations may keep the site up.
P.P.P.S You may also desire an piece of poetry to go with the digitrait…