Titles 00Q

The Scite Roarie

Vigne liend soirs, pairn the foux lemne scriers waitte, on an miction fourds the lairth ammice cloire. To an arren
se’ers lite the moure ceilier taunt. Nor fate flattens the aurier mocts forged, an squeer lodne raith, saised
o’warren to quaint loirie sconds, on mists fainde an imner criars lerts the avon veer. Nouts myrrne an stour
scaige loire’s to roadne aittes.


Saerd scepte.

The chaidde rivet scours. An foud lounde yierds to the amiss maitte loar of fagons, an cicte hoard lends,
the maiccte avun stands, to an vier aists mald. Noure attaint lire’s cauld the moot ladden stents, to aure
reads. Craists the cridder soive, pale rouds crande the oulier scond. An image chases the wind.


The Loe Streme

Saith the scrone licte crouds, glant asure liane & faigue roux. The mourned snove repte, to aurd. An meeker
foud lepte the scaile rouries. The middne oust lour an foure austier srand ences in verloe. The appeased sond
wyrrs to saccer the out, her frent soire stands lire in shadoe.