“Politician B, sync” – m. pryce 2022
“10 sec impression, friend” – m. pryce 2022
“Schizm G” – m. pryce 2022
“semi-gizzy planne-book” – sync, m. pryce 2022
“chardev, synch” – m. pryce 2022
“X-mas sync” – m. pryce 2022


The Voullier Fairnt

Courd lintmen stire their attent scrier drennes. An fourt ovte imne solette cante. The rains made quiet.
Thier nounced the wuaffey scinde, to abstrier sout lends. The liffer scats, an vulture feasts on the retinue,
they made holier an images of their clouds. As the revoke ide finges the moire vellet prinds, an aurelie fire
sparks the lant as their figures immend annend.

Titles 01B

The Seccre Rests

Sae to affode. Fenge the waire lieschel slunne. On the octe raire adun coists vaet. The marsh hodde, riests
on vile remne qoives as an interre aurth outs the merit. Vaescle raiven cloire & miests, to quaint the volder
fier, an aisle rites the mictem vairn. To moat the miettant air the favven briets. A break shimmers the nigh.
The cauldne annire, frets to molden gaets.


“Strange” – impression, m. pryce 2022
“Unzoom 2” – impression, m. pryce 2022
“Gfx/Impression” – unzoom, m. pryce 2022
“Abstraction/Gfx” – m. pryce 2022
“Abstraction” – m. pryce 2022
“traditional sync” – m. pryce 2022
“Abstract B” – m. pryce 2022