public appearance

Since no-one has volunteered to be portrayed. I have volunteered to portray no-one.
Well not exactly. Some of the persons I know may recognize themselves.
The digital portraits are in no way painted with any-other photo than a photo of my palette for an digital brush.
Finding background sketching cheaty and insincere. A more legit me appears all the more genuine calculations.
Never-the-less a-make a-new a-stound and colour destiny by hand.
You will be first. You whomever you are. To assign me.

Iffin’ you’d fancy an oil-on-canvas the prize may be debated due their prospect of time usage.

Digital portraits now only 100$ or euro. Publicity on-page optionable. A photography upload required. assign photo for portrait

Aprx. visitors daily about 200.

Anonymity no problem.

All works © matieu pryce

P.S. I do draw by memory.
P.P.S Donations may keep the site up.
P.P.P.S You may also desire an piece of poetry to go with the digitrait…