Setback to reality. I’m now at a stage upon which this is not easy. And im not a genious.

I am from now on less focused. Will appear void and infer even.

This came to mind.

“Les cavajut bleuge.”

I realized how difficult this discipline is.

Their Acts pt. 1

Their Acts

Irred, on the seign
vocal step a’pages
She figures whence
On the amnients scarce, He ommits power
they silent hidds
morbid skies
She wonders why he can’t be himself again
cushion vidds
common house flies
she moans for other destinies
she returned
herlod citte
her nimblit eyes
folder lights
darker, wades
The calder moit
soaks in vengeance
She had heard things about certain duties.
On cargate wads
the nemn fatulent persist flutes
portray a man rivotè insane
She thought theid like to know
He dects silence
upon her disolute packed out sheer
– the name of shadow
he remnied enqui
her upside down
the passion processed
the anmaked
sordid paces, pauds
he scarcely touched her
together they knew lies’
scadder down limits
out-agin’ waits
no remorse
On amidst the premiss garden
her quits,
on their graves
tirraise, sift
continuant noons
griedly paits
her for what is
they never woke up
timed or new
a’rizen ardue
fear me not
aqwierds caint
the picture proud
their names on nameds
time to make changes,
roared thunds
The fictious found
he knew there was something about that planne
she realized
their part innit
whilst, adds sirfue
the painted skies
they lierd the boat parcid
he knows now of snow, placire
no-one cried

on the enlasts freed
mount serrat,
and whom said they dared believe
you really let her dawn
in avidst cannot’s as she pleased
the envoit chirred
she seeks none, of these, themselves
he courteously paid him visits
while they morduately conned vindicts on nameless stands
He admits nothing,
They know now why he came,
She has to do the talkin’
She thought she was famous,
Parren out the wineds ladden
Paint the morroe chites,
on whites
sandlet, isles
Cry igniatius,
holding the yarn – fenced
amnesia, God upon thy rest
the amade,
I crest
They asked, hideously what’ next,
she remorsed thy taken
for what is
when they don’t wan’t to be there
Her rainmade coat
the raven storms
to condescend,
Upon heights, torn a’pieces
like water on dry back roan
he lends a drop of ocean
for her commitments
on the late nights loose,
she brinks and studders
more of what can’t be,
eased – refrains scarlet read
She didn’t like where they had taken him,
they tired, she feigned death
somniates soundations in rockes, termination
they struck him blind,
the satiate coyotè renmodes, plain
he blows renvites,
of what used to be.
On sentences they parried coyst’s
taken out of thin air

thinned out hoisty naves, pertiantly coined, make haste Sunday’s
on interrate voight
he astounds them, landing

in quates,
hirred chymes, moits
their touch on reality

tacky toads pend,
on their saquid lome
he takes his news clean.

Their ammount’s to nothing,
Foignant licks,
empty pages

They named him unspoken
he caints the pridden guile
of namere they wount have him
he changed
on their measured mindsets
her namesake nift
he forgets
upon their shadloe hirths
he appoints regrets
their new found fortunes
he appages the remnant finds of her outfit
she proves worthy
of then’neds
now there is time
on the leasy outmade grounds
the double-maker
this was the road to hell
their redaged midlich mounds
he say’s in death there is a point to life

when they leave loathliats
nothing that profane
she weathers omniac perfumes
while the storm withers, calm
she says his presence made her,
they said they could hear cryen
in heir dormant scriep
she wain’ts
on timedly dues
they quivvered
all they could

upon which arose the statuate noon
she approved

They leaved him in presence
his senme rieth oute
they could sense a fied
he would move darkness
she would think of way’s to deceive him
run’ned the what did I do to desevre you scene
they were plai’n games no-ne could win
where the lies began,
she thought she had heard things about him
nobody would say
she had changed him
it didn’t look good

On the out’ned wimm
he got to be king
viciate van viot
he knew they made fun of what he didn’t prove to be
she said a poet made her lies easier

he insists on confidence

it does look like she’s relieved, now doesn’t it
now that the liots scied presents
tained shows
it is only beauty
He took,

now that she realized how ugly she was
she couldn’t retribue
her despise
in thus arose her affection for death
It wouldn’ be that fun if she was perfect

her nameless ad hominum coiture
of deceases,
she lies,

this is how the big boys play
when their mothers are away

she would like to be young agin
yet she couldn let them live
ben allown freedoms she hadn
hadn ‘at deeds, dread
paints her misory,
cause he wouldn

now that she knows it’d be a lot easier without these vile,
distressed contaminates
poisoning his mind.

On their quoise
the painted guesses

on the paged moon
a vindict stare
she assists deit

their voints saged
none so there,
thinned aiseillant vode

he ready makes, the introversies kind
their hold on measured might
he takes her hand closedly nayed,
incircuit pull

she acknew what he desired, tenniantly
Their caged-minds wait,
noneage paits
her acclaimed.

No earthly feather foke falder made
their emniate lie enclose
in morbid loat,

she appoints destinies
he regrets time
their maker


On the midstly aches
their sould awoke
in remniate quoirs,
whom scarrots the faint vengeant blue.
On holden skies,

Noeds said,
thein eid.
Enmirths preed
now her moist figurine apon
whence there are no shoes
she approves dainty witts oracle
on mitts
now it is
that they are no more
just like it alway’s was.

They possessed him,
in vast immoral ridicule
he asteemed coincidence

now, she awaits him
on retakes returned,
their nades

they event-changed the all of nothing,

darling wages
phony gets
quiet afternoons
o’nt thin summer haze
Now they know,

on the cyste imposition berefts.
He regressed,
They acclaimed vages.

Adept in-terrestre,
there she goes

vatid climbs,
conentuative laids.
Amniate calls,

grifty looks
,of darkness beyond
the witt’re.

She shared him as someone whom hides,
on thick wicked heeds
wurred afrains
the amakened
the bird flies,

their gatherred oit
of what cannot be.

She speaks to the wind
of none.

On teagues of silent praised
they’re nicked.

she rests,

on her beliefs
his named glory dismayed
the euphemist apology

he takes on her shadow.

He reminds himself of how funny it would be if they all looked the same.
Their animates,
poisoned police.

Inamidst ordules
their ideomatic finds.
Peasant lird.
she’s too kind

found evict lids chaffed,
their lease on lives,
is what he takes
them now for what there is

he regrets to let them,
they didn’t
she creates
the bird caged runne
he has no clothes
they both regret

she awoke in him tensions of blizzard storms
,and pointless
like the devil

their dancing now
wen’sts panic praises
he ensured
gavvot minds
on reality makes
their of what is,

The fratteract loads.
On envoits parre.
She pried authority’s swaint.

Now that she convinced him he didn’t wan’t to be.
Their upfront, he’s changed
he sirred their anom
whilst she,
rigged the set

taken place in her nightmares,
the guitts-ridden thydes,
no-namned idiots break
is where she sirths
He craves more,
thackerred imnates quiet
on their behalfs.
She get’s off

scriffy pakes,
womny applauds,
refty poiggs passionates

lest all be it
on virre,

they ran empty,
and she had to go.

Everything was second hand that day,
and aquaid

this is where they wanted it,
sifty where the drippend belog boad
pause on pitty
makes a shadow grow
like rewinds
of all there was.

He didn’t invite anyone.
This fried her corthy panned hits.
E’an ois’t fadd imn,
he regrets her what they paid for.

They just made the shadow raind.

She relies,

she froze petrified,
whilst he complained how her minced voigthy ‘ands shook,
theid ben like little children without a master.

He thinks little of himself, in’t
this is not what he knows.
the appeased penuate peace
on their behalf
a card

Her vision that of your betrait
on stridden coins
what possessed Him

Her lies weren’t even that pretty.

Now amazze’
her sweet cannots
like infamy.

She said God told her it was no crime – cause He had told her to.

They’nne remniaches
her jealous nature
like casket connes

she is nothing – in her only way
that hwer
ov silent shadows

now they retouched reality’s bitch
a flower finds
fake famine
on her poisture voin.

That guy is wanted.

Now’a-day’s her pontiffe vode
thence a’cliffed
by insolence.

Is an ‘and against the other
you could have told them about their gifts.

He appaints depict
the notion won
of how she had heard things about me.

There better off without me.
Sarrowly a’said

that friend is not someone whom needs you

she ‘ad given in
they stared at him pointlessly
her a’stared, sitherred rewn
pageant polite
Now that he makes
She radicly professed him remnic potions,
they did

He says theid made him scared
only cause it looked good
their together lost, a day grows night
on their pages turned, she outdoes reality

What scavvet claims,
on their visuals.

The what of whom was,


Her eyes melt
on their arrid coasts.
Amassed vindicates.
Her soul wages.
On tanticle paits.

The evic profane.
Their ideomat cairres.

Saddenned by ivert tenvious guides.
He acclaims apologies.
Her tender sullen eid.
What they remade.

She drew danger
he never changed
upon forever insay
the manicly regressed
pure vengeance

In her depths – he will fight God
Caier quiets
their perdulations paired
on virred idder gaeds

she appoints,
their ridicules
faed fenned feigns,
her drury lanes
caffed centennial and biddy
their amokes
like a rock waiven on lands.

On their wuiette afternoons,
her referant piets
he aphids roadliages,
she cares for nowheres.

The women they all knew coams,
verrieds, scavenged dights.
Upon where’s he’d like to remain.
Their rigoured appraise

Shied – lier
which really isn’t
he moaks,
whilst their hold on what’s real to life
scared him, recessantly
he refers, of’re
like the man that quirred the moon.

She says – easy made him look good,

theidde, igniater.
Poignly scarred.

Her affluencies,
named shadoe

like her thorns,
the sciot ye’st
a fallen one.

She moans like a sun drownen.

With the weight of worlds she paids destiny,
the silence hymned
of a thousand stars.

Their amissed,
her frame-set

He points to nowhere,
Her names wadden swick
He covet’s the nisty amorage.
Remorsed, unpresent and alice

The waterred out manic mighed,
and aloosened.
Bait their rigour nouns.
The cailant sign,
of his laudy caiste
her astoned.

Neither idlied scirre,
on their behalfs
he abstains, reliefs

Their abhorrent skimmes,
whence appointed.
In astutes,
,too late

She falloes witherredly
the ones they left without

Tanned the immortal venues
a-quift saintly
Their scarce introductions
ammits skier
He figures timelessness,
whilst their lint moignant fears commune darkness

On nitte theinner liette
ov scared instrue loit,
she amakes stead

On his faistrie conne, the ridder pragge
latter than late the viction proude

On their crivvty saits,
a riggered loon scains
the lack of loneliness

He was once innocent and blue,
their awaitancies unpresenet.
His faith wackled in swarmy chrum.
The tepid skies fall,
she roans haileantly and wild
a mistre praids there soit.

Scarier pries roamned,
the waitier liest
a proud stadder cheered amdiest
Their recourse stoirrey predst atone
a simner,
vocate deemed.

Their hastier revvered loints, carddrie
poise partenne.

Their readies lait, she arrieds poignley and scarce
the last remedies fault,
in somersault.

She prevents him from sunray’,
thy fallen upon her cark,
their revvte loisure marth.
‘On prettier paids she lingers
an’te auld song soudden
of their recourse denial in an hightenned sentce. The rigour,
pace a foan
to prosper
semper fi.
On the casscride lonne he sees,
when droppen in mirrors.
She weighs him mightier than angels arch,
their soittre march
his invict reci.

On mirroe sorts, a thienme,
he wakes in mourn’

The vierreant stiir,
a paisrre omte signs
she waivves darker upon himne.

The nidbreak softens,
on vairrey scoddes,
she makes an eye.

Laeccte aeniumn raest,
thinner now the clouds
his evoit rence peeds on memned elden scorn’

She middst the glorious clearing dew’n droppe,
the cairrden scold waighes,
on instip roalle.
The tides turn,

Thoggerd found him sounder h’tan thun,
lux pactes raemne cloirres,
she mixts.

On their raeccre wiedsts made
oh sorvue trife.
Ordulate winds malden their gates,
on vixxts qoirre paette she moigns
the birds are gone when He is not there.

Thaemne laertte coits, scimne poas
their lieks radier antè,
on valid stoods their pasts,
retain no sense.
It’s pictured then in history
of their maiks
the villed roanrier caists paidde off
he notes none,
she withers.

He roddens their foanme coists,
their intsteap loivvey casts in flamey mists
the sulphue scissts,
she roarred in infamy her pasts.
Of these whom honoured to betray.
Their viend and voe,
apisscre loint.
Her magi loot,
in piets of ronne.
She connnotes vengeance.

Contend yestre lorray, their paiscle voints
on these fields famline.

Fadden thei lasts, relierre sconned
on pity
The vainglory stremne,
cavrier skigge
On vaidst loire
The miek stredde lux aeternum,
a’chirre the voisstre
lamney roth, scadde

On stire limnes vock, their

On the rifte noon breeze,
an Saer,

the sulphur raivves a miedst in the land of the second sun,
She quiddes the raireant scridde scryphe.

The gazy blenne of red mists
A pieds, a pardon high
to someone he admires.

The roamned tieds a coiveantcie,
on an albrunne stried
they fall not in vremnes
for the reccte, rovstre
His voice appeased – He speaks to Him once again.

On simney loirre apliet lasse, the lasser sakes
,a soirley strenne is passed
She cracks in cheers,
he noticed her riesttre,
On saelig roadden praeiscle
the pontiffe paisle scaddes in her clouds, their memories shame
on vesstire,
this founds ashey rests on brieds
a scailoe paile island

their rince,
On stodden lairs their silent retribue,
a whinned,
She cardens lavette sunnes.

On twice blessed, ruence,
their twigged srone paisce.
A take on viedstier new found, this mindeage moitte.

A rithscre, saddened by instant regrets
she points to the now’ned.
On victs froud liaisions lenne,
their vaillie brenne
A redne raiccre,

The cairrie stronne pyre miedst,
on neet sawen.
She met her waister stand qritte
a cry called ‘naven

Their riesce poidden laet,
on skillet coids
a radical relovue.

Their ides rourrie praet,
she praids.
On their mounds a vlith lithurgies,
her cradde.
The wark maloe she had caused,
A filthier foon.

The eissle caids on foney sitches,
she breaks with dawn,
their wailltrie
sonrise coirrthe
a miesscre.

She wadens on waltroe myres
the pascide prose
In mitigate roadley stavven
she pairoes pliet.
He annotes ratts.

Their myade’s soak’ne schied
a laittre fendse
their moarrey stoak signs

She wittes their proary soars
in dark they rise
thenne miedst raivvrie scorth
aniedst loars.
When his euphany adrifts – He hates himself.

Their sloe roarths pannick,
on mailden moasts
her mifty scoanne stardens
the riesstle

Ticker noe’nse loarthe
vidstrie proad
on miekst malden moasts
Her namne grace
her nicktie stace
the waiten,
On vaillrie paists
She moats him enviously,
their maissle beats
raiddne coasccre broats,
on milky mountains.

Dreeps the mourning red,
coascled in dewn.
Alired now their caistre vindicte lucne.

On mourden miests
He is much like him,
Stidde, revvty and miek

She anmade wissles sort,
on their maiste reuve,
her aches
that ov virth
in mielow maisscre.

On their raldroe stande,
she parroeds maivse
her vouts go to him they do no speak ov.

In their shadow gliers
a modest rint
their laisle roasts.

Her paiddle stonne rescurre priet
their not of her that innocence
in their raiffre clodset loairre
a niestce pairle

she caudse of what in her guise,
an infamy orduel
of what their let’s
in rieddstre pairre
amnies saloe redde on soils
beyond bestroe bloan their chaiggs,
he retrivues relief.
Of their acclaims a sulvvier grief,
on thein toint lestigue roaddes.

Her makes their marden in polite,
their doubts that of a bed in infamy.

She saddens now on their aports,
the ones whom shewn her faces,
the starker liessce had grown astort.
To miests upton their wairden.

On what they noarred,
a’whyte sailde.
The cissqurre loisstre
abstrie her bloatant desires.

She eased now on her tedious teit,
the admisstre lov’ve
that all her lust their sullen inne a’vonts to append,

On scardenne loissts she pardons seit’
their wadden stimney coasts.

She witts now gratulates on rieddstre stones,
the maken of what was not.

‘nte tides waille with firl their coists
‘that widenned loats yarm,

It’s what her want’s their accustial loyalties where flamne,
by her retriggered irds.
She staddes on wailliec resid due.
The mardrum he had cailled.

She waisstes now their myddstrie pasts,
on lythe rimney shade,
of what they took of her is not
the lorne she once contreyed.

On masquidde scoddes their feet,
the miquidde lidstrie shone
he chairs their palude poists
on mievvre lakes in snow,
wyccred now’n on reye
the paivour priekst.
On greymoan maildrien strokes
she lies to herself.

Ovte coarrtre simnes,
the snake whizzle s’ro
she tidies laittre coalvie sabt.
To recurre on vaisle rumne.

Their needs whence scatte,
on sirdloe rants
a wieckstre.

The moistle meld a thistle ‘praire
on her corvue laffes
She longs now for in what that was,
the mourning never grows.

On their steep caliote raigns,
a prophet strainds in vision,
of all that He makes.
On midstirre maint
she foams,
the rigte lairlumne ream,
on theidden stoptes crimne
their vaists,
coloured in diste.

The maloe requisse lisce.
She rittures,
his moud millets
on their amstirre grennes.
Their criet, lusty roasscre

She rants, whilst he breaks
for the sun that never comes.

The loarney quaids pallets coir
whilst somnabulant stimne.
Scoats verdicts parre
thinner now his intone

She proves ridicule scaidde.
On their chomre starre,
– a mistre!

Their now on her mind,
thein instrie shallow.
On moast mistie maiccte.
Their rigours confie,
on residue.

The invite cohesed
on their lost in time,
an instrued disaster.

They cove on lirred fingers bloat,
the cold they had last winter.
Who’s immersed in cloth,
their vistige proud
an ortal moat

On their confound pace
a land of ease
the prettier rieks
puzzled now in good faith
their violet skies
ponder midst higher heavens

on the third age,
their might-sayer blidde
to an instrue
of the linde,
of the beloed waters
of the immoral heights.

The day’s avice cloirre
on pinctes vasquid loints
they borroe eachother.

Avoe recoulle so dark
on their paid reftes
a cloud,
limnes remourse.

On their scairoe liddes,
a pontiac
loint and vaste.

Their pardid puzzled an inte
on skiroe fridde
her wailden,
carried guille.

The christre poidds,
upon testimonies
their lorid scales

on widenned remnaid scoats,
a fleet glint,
horizons two
none skirred the images blue
in sairn,
a wind cries reloe

Never – now, amends gante
to astinned lemure scairns
of their saturations,
on the moint malden mists
of our feather insist,
a stiegrain, paldens pried.

He wairs now of what there is,
the lorne, the madden’d eyes,
their stairre pasquid love
in his betrait.

On choarn lasts pinctures,
and the relics she displayed.
Their vairn plieds pardon
on his young mind,
to abste reliet, roamns and roarey skrieg
on thine empty sadden lives.

She makes wind now for his refrains,
on their naked touch, a-salt
the miek fallen cannot inform
of master mirth and malloe.

On the cascade mounds,
a second avoid
these thenne their good fates.
He packenned then for worse,
than shadow over rain.

Scort now dirray – and daydream sweet,
of the calote waives
in milloes mairre

The voices within, of him he’d lie to himself
to a vatrice coivve
she castend worries

He lowers thenne their mighty lynne,
of shards rescembled broken glass
the images that made her thim,
an screr leasts appraise the pacte,
of their now in lasts
a pidde.

Skenned they did in lasts remorse
to postponed deets,
of what latter regrets their fate
thinner now in threads
as mackerred in an imstrie soign
the red sun burns a’soire
to an eiccre loasce,
their ipten loasts
a pont, due sakes
their riptey stakes.

Shirre noan paet,
on vaild,
what irdloe wirds wyrrned their viesscre
of panter and possess.

Hirr, no’en ailier scodde
thairn, on vidstrie scidde
their the narden nailie roe
of a nidtie midst their fleaks

she scairds now of the signs three
wimned in eloe,

first the whirlwind bloan our wipe,
then the bloarn muffs
a third and age the windloe pasts
a crowbird carcass brint
in scardlum sailiar stante their prisk
her vain, tanned veet.

Virth, leer on drier crast,
the middleman,
an ostrie somneambulant coisce retains
the inmade scirre

on her andes lirm, shoe’d
the ricout ramnification
she paids

the clinge rairea,
on width,
her poiley racces roat scoam
the touchy fleers of midnay

a mirth palloed caint
the wicker pasille
of an empty head.

The skoat rairdrum caisccles
on radical rittes,
winched the rainbow claist

she marroes faint the covvet clouds
on riesce found fair,
Neuen-noen, nowed
prait the proud
ciskette the ware

On their pliet scatty minds
a vocate reliance
he dishonoured grace

Their weak tarden wint
makes an ardrier patron
he could not afford them
the strair passion povve,
glears strandy soap
on wielo heights.

The liek narroed gait
she amns the sorrow in his eyes
the fairth,
on he is not one

you’d tell them no tales of the gone
in herrant score
his love is hate

Where the radical trease, poigns
on midstrie,
he beats the nardrie loase

she notes in vaiddle roath
that he was there with them

The noak wailds a pinty pardon
her niesty ward,
caisscle roat
the abandoned family

on smirrey limnes
her ivvate raisstre
she taunts.

her mascille midst their avvid scorts
a vickar prieds her prain
on mastide loarry skimne,
the riad strear
to Amisade.

-m. pryce