“Poet Laureate” – an jest or quote given to me, once. Ready-made literate , iterate. Whom is it that coats the measures of wind – when the blossom rates the sunney clouds – the meak pardons the scorned and fathom east.

The vouts le’er to cardenned walls – as an priet mends the render images.

m. pryce has been an poet since like forever, he quiffed collections in the Andes in the late 90s, won a few contests at poetry.org and certaintly continues to vaud the prent scades of the net-facades. The notion seems by now to be that he is not alone on his site.

Several 33 pages poems were written and display. This is what it is today:

“authority demise” – http://www.legalized-dreams.org/?p=8556

"all is timeless of the none"