Streaks maybe

Feline visions


29.05.2015 – Matieu






Look away from any logical links between the pieces of art.



snaketoad“Snake head”

30.05.2015 – Matieu





realitycheck“Reality check”

30.05.2015 – Matieu






“The veritable shapes”

02.06.2015 – Matieu





surrealman“Surreal dude”

02.06.2015 – Matieu






02.06.2015 – Matieu





bidiboy“Veritable deceit”

02.06.2015 – Matieu






“The artist sorrow”

02.06.2015 – Matieu





“Flame of doom the game”

02.06.2015 – Matieu

This is the female version of my doom pink monster.



bianca“Another pink monster head”

02.06.2015 – Matieu




Evidently the femme fatale should be introduced to shoot-em up 3d games. The photo of someone could also have a place. Perhaps not for the weak of mind. Cyberspace rules! PRYCE!

For you whom expected a figurine now. The 3d room may be welcoming.


02.06.2015 – Matieu





Not yet!?

Maybe when there is a fly on your screen!


“Conteurs invisible”


I talked about reentering the conteur into my abstractions. This is a change in my art.



The illusion per se a perfection of realism. What changes within time? The choice of command? Our cat is the photopen used for this image with the purpose of graphicly creating my dear father.