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“deacon” – continue synch deacon, m. pryce 2021
“jekyll” – tribute to autumn last year, m. pryce 2021
“cat with no ears” – sketch, m. pryce 2021
“aphesha” – technique, no photoes, m. pryce 2021
“friend” – m. pryce 2021

Schedule 2020.

Aeid daed seag bidde.

The noted change in style comnes an retouch from retro to modern in technique. The three colours white, black and red background and a red eye tool removal in paint shop pro 2020.
This drawing technique is in many ways where i started back in 1990. The advantage is you can operate three colours without clicking the pointer a lot.
The coming pages will consist of this technique i call technique.
Red series does not imply this remedy.
A series of abstracts shall remne these aquirations of what was from the beginning.
Here follows a list of some of my sketche’s directives.

  • Strange combinations of young an old 2003-
  • Portraits 2005-
  • Friend 2007-
  • Father 2007-
  • Red series 2011-
  • Technique 2020-
  • Calculate !this

    The emulation of paint on computer is not easy infact i describe it as an artificial almost. In nones you wouldn’t know where to begin.

    The momenteous mair i am. An efty clenne thirst’s demise later.

    Their pontiffe’s prour an ‘ease. You are welcomed.