The all but too familiar Points. A fraction on fiction. The polite distance of clouds. The instant dream conveyed in stars. Illuminate. The empty stare.

An online exhibition. What presented before you is the harvest of several years of work. Not taking the easy way out are you.

The images are made without photography and consist of mending structures together. If you somehow appreciate what you

see please donate a slant to this poor artist. Primarily the idealist off course no donation is necessary for you to experience

 the fruits of my labour. In the portfolio you will find a list of work.

"Veteran" April 30. 2014 






The images are made consistently by mouse and man. Figure them out with caution. You may download images by right clicking on them. My career begun two decades ago drawing icons and pixel graphics. After a couple of years houses and dragons. I now use a specific technique involving custom made brushes in paint shop pro 7.0. Some of the images displayed here actually begun with a cross or a pentagram. The technique depends on luck as well as talent. My graphics are for sale. You may donate what you find appropriate and download what images you like. If you wan't a portrait made please refer to me by e-mail:

A suggested prize does not occur to me at the moment.

"Stare two" May 29. 2014


The pious venture. A silent tribute. Dissolved the emptiness of such.

"Portrait of a boy" April 29. 2014

"Cloaked" February 9. 2014

"Bug" February 16. 2014


"Lizard eyes" May 30. 2014


"Jester" May 30. 2014


"Wonder" April 29. 2014


"Shallow" April 30. 2014
"Look" June 09. 2014
"Feline Sentient" June 10. 2014
"Synthesis" June 10. 2014
"Sacristie" June 10. 2014
"Judicial" June 10. 2014
"Evil" June 11. 2014
"Dame" June 11. 2014
"Scare" June 12. 2014
"Lucid" June 17. 2014
"Evident" June 20. 2014
"Informed" June 21. 2014
"Breath" June 21. 2014
"Singular thought" June 21. 2014
"Feline eyes" June 21. 2014
"Lost soldier" June 27. 2014
"Devil" June 27. 2014
"Toad" June 28. 2014

Below is an eulogy of definition. The posed hierarchy of impressions. The faint resolution of atributes.

Lingering amidst clouds

the voice makes rain

a listener

Dream of stairs in vane

the lift of sunshine

I knew

Pictures inside my head

the vision found


The Artist





"Self portrait" June 28. 2014










the piety installed


for a doom walled


The freed apollogetic


a leniant frenetic

To be

A city swarms it's lights upon

The dim quarter

There she is in her gown

Shedding a tear

The warmth of beauty

come sun down

dressed for duty

the glimpse I take

wakes empty stares

upon this roof

pity shares

the eye of the beholder

none is of baffled grace

pride in what I saw

different hills placed

in the portfolio


Of a different kind. The astounding sinister blind. I dream of what I am.



  • This is an independent art site. My controversial evident of studies.
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  • I define my art symbolist, retro, pixel, spiritual, avant-garde and bohemian.
  • This exhibit is free. It contains poems, Graphics and sound.
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  • I portray the enigma of my time. Every instance is of certain value. For all my inspiration.
  • Fragments. The void immaterial concern of consideration to swallow light.


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Done computers for 20 years now. The occasional random is whatportrayed. Press here if you wan't more than this presentation




Understand as you will. Legalized Dreams is an old slogan of mine deviously thought out about 1997 when nothing else was legal. Alright if I should publicly demand a position of what this slogan is. It would be an incourage to any dreamer out there to cherish a dream. Dream configured state of conscience in dark. "Own your dreams before your dreams own you." The significant of dreams is perhaps best described honestly. The key to inspiration is always dreams. Remember they are my dreams.

What presented before you is a bohemian art portfolio.

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"Your wish on my command."

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My vision; dream or nightmare is to be a good artist. Read below for Privacy Statement.

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Privacy Statement.

This is a private site. Respect your read as I respect the reader. To whomever may after read and viewed upon my site have an urge to rumour or portray an anti privacy viewpoint upon a private property domain as journalism or public appearance; Simply acknowledge a fact my dreams are displayed in my art and should not be viewed upon as political statements, threats, obscenity, commercials, slander against my family or any other fraction, evil, inconsiderate, abhorrent, inditive, suggestive, or subject of any form of disguidance into foolish behaviour. As you enter this site remember to know art is imaginative and should not be believed a subject or assignment of any kind.