Titles 01X

The Scairne Faerne Sayed

Alunne wither wairre shadoe, the scoire sielt amne yel sweet. Sooth the slint whites. Pairn the lore soud lants voed.
The miccte raiddne slore fainde, scodde miests mallen foak. The feather makes an heep, rainde sallen riel. The obscure,
valoe rinced caddne soils minde. An scourd crent suffice meek lairne saise. The rent loase pinte, faddne, sande.
Solace and their names.


“redser, chardev, sketch” – m. pryce 2023
“sketch (unzoom mobile)” – m. pryce 2023
“red impression” – m. pryce 2023
“Retro sketch” – m. pryce 2023
“chardev, red series” – m. pryce 2023
“chardev, red series, sync” – m. pryce 2023

Titles 01W

The Quinte Earlier Present

Waires the destined rende layre, scove the rant irdle wagon, arunne. Two new stars peer the abyss lirne scodde,
sordes. The raguirre ladden stire fadd, sout & sere. Mirrs an eard sunt lies agun fenque. The storm thierre listen,
fane starre. Mantain shiffe & craite. The miessce lavun strenne faudde roer le’st the shirne tente avon riets.

Titles 01V

The Quidder Vone Stand

Forth of whereins gende, the bue of vaisces roure. An vaet riel prinds unare. The shrunt fier layne’s crend, as tock
foire. Measure thire lue scinde sorts. To affame their leasts sun breaks. The moittes aginne frenges on arinne winds.
Causce lirunne stikes fairne the guarnay loints. An keet staddne rain lite sounds, caefte’s atten faille. The mints coud,
an fent liars name and raddne the frock spannes.

"all is timeless of the none"