upon the nature ov this zite

1. these be 2mins, no-photo sketches on marker / mouse
2. rendered, scanned handdrawn / painted has occured as an idea,
3. their multitude.

4. i’ve reconed ca. 30000 images in a decade
5. since i began in 1990 the computers have’nt gotten much better
6. i utilize paint shop pro 2020 (registered full version)
7. i sometimes don’t draw conteurs since shadow / effect takes time
8. their simple – yet could you do them?

9. google / search attempts to find similar artistry has failed – since most in some manner manage / effectualize photoes
10. programen’ graphics / new drawn, type – vs. converten graphics to program code
11. over one million hits 10 years ago
12. over 5 years of none photo sketchen

13. some poetry
14. only legitimate admin / creator
15. leave a comment

16. THE EZINE “zit” is free yet asofyet only estimated to be produced – it will draft the artworld onnette annuine 4 numbers…

sincerely, m. pryce 12th july 2020