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Keys to imagination.

note: plain brush

Will now for a few days emphasize a square plain copy/paste brush.

Where I began.

Next where’d think photo mending.

These quite a few sketches I’ve made throughout the years makes predictions almost impossible. So I’ll take a few steps back.

Calculating easiness.

m. pryce – may 2018

“plain” – simple/square/copy/paste, synch – m. pryce 2018

I did’n say what I was gonna make now did I? That’s up to you…

What proposition demise. The enigmatic scarce look-out to find in deep cascade the none of all – all of none.
The void-@ belief.
Who said it was easy?

Retake what reality is. Or fake it if you may.

The more you make out this none the lesser of good. Construe reality a-byte.

I cannot make to make the none. Yet I begin with an all.

Precisely outdone. The experimentalism.

Forgette photography.

note: other techniques/using many photobrushes

The effect on nature:

(many different photobrushes utilized)

Take out of nothing and make anything that you desire. The quest for genious never expired. In a sense look-outs for what is within forever time.
Next I require a theme.
Imaginate the begin of ALL.
It is the aquiration of any artist to make more than what he is.

(keep in mind these are sketches)

“the in me” – matieu pryce 2018

Notes A

The tendency is how. We make invisible dreams. For instance light. Darker than me. Where exposed shifting time. The Tennant point. Absolute infamous. Why better. Good afternoon.

Fervent supposee. Vane loneliness. The denial of attained impositions. Canes. Limits. Fortunate mortality.

To abstain.

Don’t care too much about text. There is too much.

Fervent pain. The immoral late tendencies of night. They would never end.

Figured politely placed words on a frame.

The betterment of nothing. As shame.

A new.