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Keys to imagination.

upon the nature ov this zite

1. these be 2mins, no-photo sketches on marker / mouse
2. rendered, scanned handdrawn / painted has occured as an idea,
3. their multitude.

4. i’ve reconed ca. 30000 images in a decade
5. since i began in 1990 the computers have’nt gotten much better
6. i utilize paint shop pro 2020 (registered full version)
7. i sometimes don’t draw conteurs since shadow / effect takes time
8. their simple – yet could you do them?

9. google / search attempts to find similar artistry has failed – since most in some manner manage / effectualize photoes
10. programen’ graphics / new drawn, type – vs. converten graphics to program code
11. over one million hits 10 years ago
12. over 5 years of none photo sketchen

13. some poetry
14. only legitimate admin / creator
15. leave a comment

16. THE EZINE “zit” is free yet asofyet only estimated to be produced – it will draft the artworld onnette annuine 4 numbers…

sincerely, m. pryce 12th july 2020

Notice 2020

Let’s see where I go with this next. If you comment/wish what it should be.

Definition art “new retro”. Generated, non-photo, merged and painted.

Anyway’s how did 10 pieces a day for more than 12 years become 23 pages? Next. Inactivity. Clueless. You answer me!

Although Pryce is an MONOPOLY figure, it does look like im not the only “artist” there. There’s a TV-station named PRYCE, now.

-Matieu Pryce (a.k.a D_pryce on PALTALK)


These sketches are all made by me. They count more than 10000. The notioned arts anti you can make anything is yet undone. The insists upon which reduce the continueds. A-paiges the connote. They think there not art cause I made them. A sketch takes about 10 minutes. None perce allired the factual. Anyway’s their easy.

P.S. Thank you anonymous for stealing my latest novel (which alas wasn’t finished). Appreciate it. Cause of course it was easy too.


‘sketches anonymous’

Eversince little has grown on only my own publishes. The proposition arose evident.
Supposen someone would share interest.

/; contributions

comments accepted…NOTICE ZIT for NEWSLETTER essentially free…

(maybe I could afford the software…)

(estimate government scholarship on these artes…)


notes summer 2019

Although the referant none inex. it ben as easy painting that one striek in comparison to the other. anything can be done. – end of vacations

-the delib prophetic, me

Now that im back at the local funhouse it all looks very obvious. Can’t have any free thinkers or otherwise emptien our confineds.

-purposedly just a little too drunk this summer

…works will continue

…’tis ben free the supposition of life enjoid without any form of captivity inex. we’re all disposed to certain authorities dismay

…the’art liberates the soul

…talken of the NOW that quite simply IS

Novel out in a few “momentuous” times. Title unrevealed.

-m. pryce 2019


reintroduced by myself, the pieces here are only sketches, please keep donations rollin’, maybe i can afford corel painter 2019 one day,
if you’d like to be sketched, please refer-POST A FEW BYTES to, the first model all free, i also paint refer skype matieu.pryce,

yes more than a million of you has visited my page…
only one has paid…

a Dutch client whom made me rich…

a made name i made myself…

1st contender totally free!

note: plain brush

Will now for a few days emphasize a square plain copy/paste brush.

Where I began.

Next where’d think photo mending.

These quite a few sketches I’ve made throughout the years makes predictions almost impossible. So I’ll take a few steps back.

Calculating easiness.

m. pryce – may 2018

“plain” – simple/square/copy/paste, synch – m. pryce 2018

I did’n say what I was gonna make now did I? That’s up to you…

What proposition demise. The enigmatic scarce look-out to find in deep cascade the none of all – all of none.
The void-@ belief.
Who said it was easy?

Retake what reality is. Or fake it if you may.

The more you make out this none the lesser of good. Construe reality a-byte.

I cannot make to make the none. Yet I begin with an all.

Precisely outdone. The experimentalism.

Forgette photography.

note: other techniques/using many photobrushes

The effect on nature:

(many different photobrushes utilized)

Take out of nothing and make anything that you desire. The quest for genious never expired. In a sense look-outs for what is within forever time.
Next I require a theme.
Imaginate the begin of ALL.
It is the aquiration of any artist to make more than what he is.

(keep in mind these are sketches)

“the in me” – matieu pryce 2018

Notes A

The tendency is how. We make invisible dreams. For instance light. Darker than me. Where exposed shifting time. The Tennant point. Absolute infamous. Why better. Good afternoon.

Fervent supposee. Vane loneliness. The denial of attained impositions. Canes. Limits. Fortunate mortality.

To abstain.

Don’t care too much about text. There is too much.

Fervent pain. The immoral late tendencies of night. They would never end.

Figured politely placed words on a frame.

The betterment of nothing. As shame.

A new.