The slogan Legalized Dreams


This devious slogan was thought upon in my crazy teens. It literally means somehow waking up to reality where there is none. The presumed evident nature of sleep is really wasted time. While at night you close your eyes and give in to your dreams. Bring them with you at day. It is indeed pseudo intellectualist adventures. The abyss is as told of. You sink into your dreams. Sunken. Then on your bed of flowers a clock is ticking. If you can not awaken seize not to dream. Dreaming of life. Thus a tree represents reaching for the sky. Allthough you may fall in your dreams. Don’t let them get to ya!

As a token of surprise the next level in which I dwelve. The latter sake horizon. Winding up upside down in a treshold of good and evil. The effect of fair findings. Reason or not. When you dream and orient in your dreams as if you were awake. The border is broken. You will no longer need to be awake. A slave to sleep. I used to be that dreamer. When all of the sudden some folk started to see I was sleep walking and sleep talking the alarm clock should have rung. I did simply not need to be awake. Somehow this escape from reality proved unhealthy. I call it devout dreamer.

You may however find inspiration in the land of dreams. My late night psychotic binge drinking didn’t solve any reality issues. The honesty of a drunk is humiliating. Forget about morality. Forget about two-faced mentality. Nothing as releaving as giving in to sleep. This daze. Amazed. Maze. Of oblivious tendencies to flee. The dreams might soon turn nightmares. Surrealist existencialist reality of late.  Do a dream at what it takes. Surrounded!

Dense. Intense. The syndicate errors of cynical reality. I see now what I am. An attempt to educate myself. The decomposition of thought. Pinched! Out late. For pity sake! Dream on!

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