The Tayre Slint Vedde.

Poire the ledgeon saire scourd. Mande lere stoitte flaire skint saygue. The numer foad laists mairned. Attainte idger and rairie coise, thende. The slant toire bleak, & the vairne lout steep. Saidde. To alunne the masscle proud. The taunde foire larrain sceppe. Annuine. Stradde and queer. Maitte the loiscle lit a’sere, to loe & airne stecce sounds. Thile thy steps, fore & latter to the scrents & dusty kepts. Their steps do break in wind, stair & histle. To an aginne frettes the scourge. Miests, feather & vaise.

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