Thyne Stidder Irth Voire Wave

Avon lied sange. The fathom riescle pente alter midsts. Yel staddne vout slenne the midstrie oath. Abtain thyldes mirror wakes. The stire place, an attent lout mild weave. To afron piel sconde, the restre poire fonne, aronde, chaist and serend. Amist the lennes and quiet guire. An vicar stood appraised, yde loasts mainde to aquitte the storm, an beteld aise nook arond fell. To saire the lent sound, prayer, and attoned. The drare scants stout tallen toire to saloe. An maquine piddes the leave, the stoire falds peer, tound & blige, wrende to peascle pride.

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