“blue hand” – matieu pryce 2019
“xiot” – matieu pryce 2019
“mammon, 1” – matieu pryce 2019
“abstract – an estimate many dimensions” – matieu pryce 2019
“oliver” – impression, matieu pryce 2019


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Authority Demise

The virtuously outdone. He aches remakes a’touche the refrained permament’s.

Tedious Tennant.

Processed time.
On recoursed plans. Looking for the deep silent void.
Aclued. Patiently. Rephraced.

On the break of distance he pleads courteously the vain infer awaitancy in. His accessed pointless pose. Panic.
Whence the reliant cages politely an insolent framed.
He remakes what they told of him.

There amidst them.

Never late. The outmake. A referrancies adore. Thinneage. Enfold. The roam in all night’s.
He takes upon him fate.
She makes the rain-winnow.
His named.


Upon certain instant’s the aplaud’s clift. He lives in light.
Restly panned.

This was once where he cared to be. In friend’s facette climbs of the land without sunsets.

Now that.

She knows him.
The dimmed artifical fulfilled acanned. A retribute shade.
She let’s him go.

The attribution squi. How could he know this.
Whom left for the land of souls.

Then she named him again. Out of love.
The ethereal viceagè radical.

Nothing is.
She walk’s down the hall.

On the emptiness paved out of nothing.
He lost what he never had.
She cursed life.
He had known such beauty.

Again he names her blindly. Silently.
A’fanned fictiously found. Cier. Resource. What is unknown.

Together they stole moment’s.

-m. pryce 2019