Poems: “Thine eyes one me”

thine eyes on me
-m. pryce

take 1.
visualite vengeance
tennant vast and wasted

thinnage taint
teaser aches

the vineyard make
silence breaks
boys ate time again

the near risky wind shake
pardonage paint

the rimmed frosty beckonned ground
foot famine
faint lamps lit

rigid and proud

the vile wildly winter’s take
nothing and all
in a cascade cloud’s coamed
the imminent stair
point’s far ahead of me

the close-inn threshold prayer
prophetic insights to forlorn lands
a property of thieves
the alligned cohersion grief

glimpses lapse upon her
as she derives there of
the accused mother

a reactionary proscribes whites
to an adjusted zombie
no-one can be anymore

the naked man couldn’t figure out if raindrops are blue
while the contaminated men of cloth
spinned brown circles

the touch of weight
swollen tastes
ready-made instant

vain-glory vessels
red loaning
the immaterial gazette

assured ghosts prospect reality
hunters of ode

the one was beauty

the natural animal would like us to all create something he could not
when fanned insiders reveil it’s all and about the
nothing of god

the curious ones think presence

whence maniacs can’t understand evil
the informal infamy
is like sugar canes
sulky sift

and borrowed

most of us didn’t wan’t to believe anything they said
while the ignorant swayer

a silent remark of the inevitable
consumes an worm
the break of distance
foams famine

an allured guess
on animousity
paid the ones whom bate

he didn’t win a caged

she likes to lie to herself

an angel found his price the evident
why ruin ourselves
on ash

star-wined punctuality peaks
the lonely one cries
nothing is ever gonna be the same again

a voucher fair
minds cowardice amongst clowns

no-one overshadowed
by guilt

the reliant caffein
why is a quack
welding machine

meek the merrier
casuality coam
nearly honest

filed insolence
(regrets not to be next in line)
the supposed enactment immortality
an ease

mortality – what a colonial waste of time

while the weepin’ spirits cairned cries calm
an envoy warned their will
they cannot manifest in me

immer zeit – a fate fanny
the process thicker
and in disguise

a displeased denial
leads to loneliness
while the residue ashamed think they know everything
life is pain

her faith was strong enough
to be admired
veiled weld
the life-ticket kind

we’d share her sunsets

then maybe he would forget her for a few years
breaking the distance

she’d look-light
at him
and smile
time had been plenty on him

the confiant kind
on solitude

my life for you

reading the blind
hidden the beast
tended the one they couldn’t bind

bidbed basin
foam father
the finest

you run away from them that’s why

give or take tosser
framed indeeds
the in vane fero-lense innocently
tributes paid

leniant affectionado
reality associate

supposin’ the sky weren’t always blue
declinate customary sunrays
the bleak moments shared
she knew he liked her

maybe too much this time
freakish consumptious panicked resorts
gapin’ evidently at the same mound

they couldn’t live in fiction anymore

she is dead yet he still speaks on television
the hommes veritable bohemian
case closed

she’d chosen freedom
wherein weave weight
manned intricately
the timeless shadow

derelict violent symposial
furry fanny

feign family
the resort in quakes

you on the red corner

a misty vase
splint-devine hiss
the time it took to tie your shoes

in a fake manner
the abstained insult of command
mistaken for paradise

she knew he was a freak that’s why she loved him

beady eyed
in growth
the imposed cynic shed’s a tear

wallowing saturday’s
passion pleased
maniac bozo’s profile

see is only when you’re worth nothing time goes easy on you
you gotta narrow the street
build new sits
cane the sugar clift

cushion the leafy afternoons

the dude said he wanted to paint her
while she knew he was dreaming about her
that was sufficient

na zdrovje.

bleed collared souped

the frantic liar’s pavement
nothing could ever be the same

again she moans, we saw better days
vending the horizon

the impended allusive betrayed
the mirror man was back, making changes
amor dei penitus

they demanded an retainer, one whom knew everything there was

the sherade soon, paved our roads then
we had to lie
only to get by

dream on blue
the violet man
pinned her attitude

fret chase
fine phantom
filed filler

fruit fashion

fathered fate the frivolous header
laid limits
the fantasy made us

in a posed environment
any move whatsoever
out of order


beating the strait road swain
satin wades
pyre sweep
come-on each
tiller maker

frenetic fresh
ferret fish
the famine feather

the animal man is appearant
wildly introduced
she’d beat the beast

in him there wouldn’t wan’t to be

cured the synthetic minds of imagination
while sentimentalists confirmed their guilt
and regretted

the pictured poise
fell-on her


a prioritized proud
on what they made her

watered withered
winter white
boy wanna make snow-men

they made complaints again
the whitened wake
a pave road rather

remnants passed

summit in the air
the virtual surfaced panic
anything goes

on the last threshold of humanity
is what they didn’t do, no
none-the-less shakes
the distressed out of touch

he said who makes nature rot
while present
they ceased to exist

he said she cannot regret never to have been
when the other ones are
nothing without her

she had taken upon her his very soul
ridden life-sakes tragedies
the manicly outspoken
a vile relief
timed eases
chimed seizes
the grifter peek

blood red skies,
the angel cries
his eyes turned black

of what little they’d know
he could lease innocence
upon all of mankind
whence only the pure of heart
knew she’d never died

you may not represent what he makes to vanish

his tears made her salt
the vicar lane

she told them she had seen him before

the meeker make
he fled

they were partners in crime

accept him as part of nature

horror-shopped shaped

she thought he could remake reality

referred to in sanctimony
the affectionate
he arose

tied shoes Sunday
no church
the faint release of beauty

she knew once he had cherished life

a ready made maddened modularity
the naked touch
leased morality acts on a perfect pair

never steal from a thief

chasse chase cheer
radiant noon
a processed life

the moments you desirèd

he realized she has the mind of a little child
and that he was scared of beauty

misty eyes

vaguely there she moans
what happened to time

the appearant all of what is
made nuissance
is what she looks upon
they had
and nothing

appease the profane limits of inner peace
tame the beast in man
of existance
to release

the being within is

the infamy is of choice
scarcely guised

then a notion of fly
points empty
the hand that feeds

in the end you’d realize you’re one of them

she was there in the three of one
whom shall make

the man whom had found what is
couldn’t be

descendance 1987
saltier liffant loam
in her pages she digs for deniance
while he looks for a way out of reality

he commands the dead clouds now
shadow bird
never and always there
they shook-took-awakenned
an role
while he sensed she was no more than the rest
she couldn’t return him love

managed yourself
in deniance
this pathetic eupherial punishment
of someone you thought you owed

carriages pry
the kiss of flame
whilst she likes the sense of feel

touches a wing
without clothes
drip drained vestige
the chipped flies
she faints
moaning reason

his fear of fiction
in her perfect mind she thinks he likes her spying on him

in the cry of a second
voiced anchor

she recesses the notion all the lad was — for her
of her own guilty pose
now she knows he lied to her — out of disgust
leases on lieges
whom thought she own time

clandestine you
the father of woman
fates pride
upon the river-man
lirred lints
her sense of pride

fiery feast feather folds
the finest foam
invictionate loam
litter-acts dames
raved panette poise

he says his soul is yours

proved priorities
the vane-leap
third moon

in a criers dictionary
the man without words
has sowed vestige

tennants lease
a moonache mother
performs destiny

the murderous met of tides
claimed her

cite vengeant star of orion
wheat weather
water soam

letter seize

it’s too short what makes forever

he wades the desert
like someone trying to outwit the infinite
never there

she tells them a story of the perfect mind
and the time he lost his innocence

she knows that vanity is insane
figurines appear to him in clouds she paints
and the minty mantle makes

she knows to him its absolute dark

the birdman
tricked mother earth

watered out reasonate
the mounds perforated
she thought she was nice
shenned the patriarch
whom thought he owned these lands

she realized she got excited stealen his talents
looking away in stairs
the painted man sings
to adfer the situated none

refrains permanencies
valued taken
interfered referent
guised gentile and there
only, me

the manicly possessed
infamy dress
red paints blue they say
where there is no shade

now that it is too late she thinks she can forgive God
the one that makes
has no concerns
he wicked
the figger-boy
prettier than most

the virtue paints pain
in fractions of distance
a memory maid
freaks out gently
the wind talks
while perforated damned rely on her music
the blind man finds a way out

she was ready-made then

they had to

these at-times mother-loathing imminent chases
a picture-boy wines easily into the night
the reason he did what he knew

none other – the less – why bother
silence to the name
breaking relieved sand
the pastry pose
saturated indicative
presence the wirred
sentences proud
an honest thief

while the paved horizon bleeds
a remarked few
to the arise

the clown spat at your face
an lean dirty mess
cynicly processed fenced
birdcage fanity fake

she knew she had lied to herself

while her dress tained
between counteract piots
the rain makes narrow
she counts

angel fire
the fumigated wind
fathomes at-it’s
her mind is not there

a viscous skull-poise
fathers sails
she blows a torch
upon wallowing waves

the rainmaker had a laugh
and an ugly bitch’s feeling of superiority
maids man-made’s facitious claim of right
her despise of bodies

the bleak momentual night
freight chaffy canterate
the limit-lights

pointy virtual mythic figures
county fret
a poise pardon
vindicate vire

wild incisive attendancies in time
the immaterial victionate
a process loon

he paints a window
and mourns
the shadow of man
taken on it’s own

the accute witherred afternoon
doubts him
another shift in pace

voeing the instituent catteract
a politely doubted menace

the proudly ammused
renned occasions on illusions might
disolute crimen chards
a little off-hand shiek
proaning lines-on traffic

they thought privately insane again
while the affectionate recess praises
a rain-dance ceremony
the favoured-drops are the best

inner-ate panick
a mildly accessed time-lock
while the remained-safe
bought new keys

they say he has a friend in there somewhere

the fiction face rerained
another man cares
he realized he was played

the faint memory heights
father fiction
praised him high

notorious villains named insults
on the processed mind
where upon nothing
makes the all

on astood the remnancies of time

a mythic mist paves
the craven empty loads


raffinates wildly
the invites effect
he makes of what is

ignite virtue
parr positions
winter takes

this one time-favour
upon clouds

the fleedy flute fashion
too many years have past
in shadow of graves
he arranged
the fire on mountains

the defiled innocent

Is whom is
the remake reality
naked in the sand

in a misty height’s wind
the narrow gate
he preferred shadow

rocks the foundation
eulogies latter sakes
the remake
panick stricken
envolute appease

in this void lifter climbs
make wind

their reliancies on sakes
rescemble snow
daintly quivverred
previously outrun

he remembers all that he once was
the retained insult on man

perfect only in sin

the resort plead
vague supposed antagony

on the steery footsteps night
he cafters moldy looks
by far
in what cannot be

he passes times only to begin
where others failed
maintains the fallacy
in regrets
picks vainglory
to proposed futures

the one they promised

taken upon him the mask of God

take 2.

annoint the leavage
accert voign

the act depends on what to rely on
the paused

Newance this one of all
Her retained refrains
he cares fore her

Signs before them,
the anute ghastly saphogent
on widenned lait
he mainly likes them,
for that,
which is the all of noes

variently coit
quit the fadder
rain drops easily on his shoes

she nighed him, again
for his love of regret

This rational impune fertulent loner
cadent licks
the lampshade

on the winnow,
morrow breaks
she let’s him know she’s his mate

she makes a natural pause
plied politely
nothing there

he resigns
there was none there for him
sure they had a feast

she aspires to think she is more than what she is
he laughs
she thinks of him
overshadowen his petulant stier
none’s there to admire her

in affluent steep,
the moistly munned

She said she is sorry she told him how to love

seduced unto seclusion
racket riddance
they always wanted freedom, too

he told her he took her for a muse


Some of us cared

the poignant lease
she longs for the ocean

of which she panned,
the curtains blue

tell the one that reigns for us
to appear just before them
and we shall share
of what they gave us,

who said the one you made all that i could seer
more than is
he shook reality rats
on their dirty hands
to favour a beast
nothing could please

He said,
you shun like the sun

now that they know
the reality remake
without one

on their certainties
a caffein cloud
the laugh is easy on them
cause they know they think their better

in case you cared too much
you never shoed
their voignant lizard tails
crawling on your shadows
in the make ready-haste pasture fleedom
he craved, an insult on mankind
she approved

he said they admonished repent
on God’s clothes

She assured them things described hadn’t taken place
while warned the others
this couldn’t stand

now that they know she forgot telling him she’d be’n young once, too

In the fiery mists
of camone
her pious grown

like latencies of derelict figurines
he informs
of none

take 3.

the safer sides
her euphemies
her oustood rooly rigeur
voignantly acclaimed in solitude

reomnient regrets
she knew her nature, not
like what it should be like
he likes her for what she is not

he craves

They raddied-on a remake reliancies
on her aligned deterrance
she, her, that what
a too much-a-made-on desired
entire lives
vanished readily
to verified facts
he persuades them in lies
described eternity
as it wakes

now she thinks she owns him
he constrains evidently an all
she perrades
he fumbles her outside

the sifterred noon appologies
they couldn’t stand
what they were in for

he paints blue
she regrets she ever met him
they abstained life
he softenned
she contains dark

rain reasons

sometimes they think little of him
they, that-what to be

interred in a centennial referance
of tidely residues
he thinks of privileges he took

now drips neutonic apples on paradise square

on the faint and erred

aches rationale
stolen artificialities

the grown lie

one is easy
two is told
three is preachy
four is fold
five is piece
six is pence
never there
eight on plate
nine too late
ten a pace
eleven a sage
a lady
thirteen’th step

please turn the table,
on-all sides scent’s
reproached reasons

then’t on-len’t
the paigace loon let’s
where beget’s
an eaux-rationalè

she let’s them know their captured in computers
compaired complete
lost, on-touch

now that is
he escaped the refugèe she proposed
on nothingness

he appoints bad
she makes her shoes glitter
he is sorry there were things they didn’t tell him
so what sulky swool’on mentality
make them more

she cairds the theatre tribune
whilst abstinate whiffs of raindrops
sugared signs
to the menace road — repaved
her flatulent smile an ease
on trouble

they shaped out of nothing
all there is

take 4.

allowen too much freedom
he craves the slumber he once knew
not expected to perform

on the

affinately done
the outmakenned

he sensed he had let the down, knowingly
to raise pride

He controlled them lightly
this time

the all reliant
on pages of illusion
caned insolence

her name he had forgotten
the affectionate he concludes

on the sifty latter lead
he swaddenned senses

she thought she could do this for him
and that it would please him
to know she is watching

anything that makes status holy
berefts them of sanity
while the ones that vane with strides
colour indifference
she visits

arise! arise!
the fervent soak
the sweeter lies
in nature

she refutes ignate chale
he likes not to know
she makes him look easy on life

wildly posses her noignly suit
in caves
he pertains an image of himself
she a’written noaks
while the triggered hatred on her behalf
sullen into yeast
now he is not
she realised a smile was not too much

now that you are
will be what was
never again

she told him he could never be enough
he files her accompanied as displease
what she performs unwanted
her nature uncandid viest
the warrow-downed owner’s delay


ickerred stuck on rhymes
within that amassed sanctuary step
he fakes his own death
beguiled only of their legitimacies

she cares for rumours
he makes him
they think is not what it used to be

she states difference
and relies on someone stronger
while the rest run away

illude the vindicte
the veritable affect-effectuation
they had something to hide

taken of what can be
she is
always late

now that windy nate was painted blue
the hasty litterace lament
outdoes infamy

she points at the moon
he knows she’s not there
they counted on you

fret the friars let
lease the litterate lie
stommach a versations chimmed route
to intolled
denial in friends
the ones whom thought they were

she assured them of safety
that was all she could do
they’d soon outgrew her
into all she had
her grace
her garret face
her frauntic admiration’s pid
her hunger games

they locked the doors
on him, her sorrow — the one she failed to realize

he looked for her while she thought he was chasing some sort of value in life
he realized they couldn’t forgive
now he takes a no-names
the flutes blue
passage in rites
pillowed pieces of reamy crust
in a paged angelic deathwish
she wished she hadn’t met him

she is the one whom favoured God
in their challenge
he makes

he needs to know he knew things thoroughly
or just was their disguise
their excuse
for shame
in etherrant abstience

Now that he knows
They learn faster

Stipient reaptives
he acknowledges facts

they found him dishonest
only when they knew he liked them
she never paid him any compliments

their heightenned senses
of denial
refugees all aspired
in the unknown

He said he knew you can’t rely on every single word that flies by

She said she thinks they accused him of a paradise
that would be there without him
that, and-on easy to blame

who cares
therein the land of plenty
he set’s for the land of no suns

enclosed recess
whied cheftious remedies

their names are still there
sullenly spoken
on her skies

retains the song in his head
blatently assured
of what we share

they look at stars
while his prophanity aches
processes moint
on the factual thesis in time
her love was not

he sheds a tear.
for her he’d represent everything
he want’s an excuse-position

on the all of what,
they only had time for this
she think’s she’s pretty thinking that plunk gave him a lifetime

she gave him an ease of tension
life is only what is
awaken now what can be
they let him love

he caffots the priad praise
they look like their up to something

some come of no good,
he retains evidence
she let’s him lie

once above all, their worst fears
what she on him,
they only missed him when he was gone
he knows he had realized how easy it was, only to do it again

she knew she is what he wan’ts

they asked how

no more than what lies ahead

she liked getting them to lie for her

On the amissed role of referancies
he takes passion in pride
looked after
they made him what he is

she could get away blamen God

Now, what
readily lasts

for vindications
Sarrow the outblued
of what she would like take place

here you go a little piece of the all of existancies
to a clift

take 5.

the wifty slid
on rather rakes
stolen heresay
mifty mitts

he said your expectations lowered

the foignly paved panic
closed their doors
on him there was rebellion

dirred chast
livver lanes

he applied easily on her betrait
flies scarrowen the pictures
on his
greedy lines

the shifty breeze on-let
he thinks he’s more than him

arrid mortality awes
what strangers let
the appeased sensation on voiced
he referred to death
only newer
for sit down pause
scarred rigged lit lord

this is not where he wan’ts to be
they think it’d be easier on him if they lied
she said she didn’t know any sweet ones
he just shook his head
the ruder tainty leaks
malder mates
pushed pills

taint the retribue a’leased
where there are none
he cares to excist
without names

he is in remake reality now
piously prominent
Her naked body

whence sciot panned
the oignty rate
her convinced humour

she shadden’ned nifty break
on ifter flakes
he points to nowhere

she thinks she’s treasured
they wan’t her removed

only by occasion

he chassed soil abhorrantly
each silent step the approach
of an hold
on repute
he preferred coined insults
mafty chique
to estranged lands

wherein theilled absolutes
figuren vyat’s nifty gazettes
the improper
denial of her time

this on-time sharred

now that he knows she did not make him too much
he fell on the appeased
plied contennant

he had to let her know who he was

the accused
coherencies on all that is lost

he says he did not overshadow
her grace
like blind men in caves


the pie
putrid licks

on what he reffered to as guise
she looks more than what she thinks
he regrets shadow
the retribue narrowed

he says she makes life look easy

the remnancies begone
on a smoke screen violette
the painter aches for release
his piot praised
neither land
contains ciet
he loans emptiness for regret
she doesn’t wan’t to die alone


he knows there is nothing after

their preachy ‘bout’s abode
she makes him

taken preferencies
reality makes
it leased upon him hatred
to-on afters
he craves action
she mounds mint
the flare of cirquois pages paints
a refugeè riots raven
word is what they all know
is what they shouldn’t
and nuise

he figures the pyriad skim

why he knows the boy thought these stories were based on actual events
she moans,
his presence tires her
what can she make him doe

he reasons rational
the enviotly scared
don’t paint the skies blue out of thin air

while impiously estranged
the luddy lakes

he thinks they’re catchy
achen for leases on all-time
shatterred sunsets

he knows he’s sorry his not of stature
this earned new faire

on their minds
a renome,
she was too good for them

the latter lake
saddenned by cause
He remakes nature a piece of paper
finds them there
up high and mighty
prominent’s of their days


what is of their that which-in the legend of loans
a foundation

he cannot fear

he realized he hadn’t,
what’s and whies
whence maddened
he fails,
on descency
the word is all mouth
she makes it easy a lie of what’s commonly known
the one that is,

out there he is sorry inevit,
neglect needless
all show and take

this is of what could be in uter
and free

In destined,
he knows
they like a sense of theater on us,

pure entertainment

he astounds her courteously
litany ticket lads,
she was an art of being treasure
to him,
what he makes
panick stricken
by the en-joined gallery
he fakes
her naked poise
she deems
what is her only

he regret’s he never knew

they charred instancies,
of the stirr,
she remained them he had not come to remake
the paraise,
of fiction

She claims he knew too much,
he shakes his head,
they knew their love had not vanished

they came to make look beautiful
only in sorrow,
because he could
whence nature,
came back at them
he preserved the right to be outspoken,
not dishonestly
and pure
they could not take all-on realism

they were short on life
he weavers pointlessly into the blue
they made themselves
so someone knew how to live


he rechecked the stranger ones
this time thoroughly
paying mind

all on never
now is what is – what always emmerged none the more an end