legalized-dreams.org acknowledges a certain change in repute…we shall recommence in more text…digit by digit…a give-on-take anew…29 years of computen readily remakes in the maken…hopefully the sole proprietor shall be challenged to overdoe himself…again…we inform you for the past three years, no photoes were used…consisten now of more than 10000 images…alas…the discipline of digital art is indeed mastered…without… – m. pryce 2019

Due to a moment of genious below. We announce a momentary break essentially caused by fear of not exceeding this. There is little or no doubt it was done by me. However i started doubting myself. The right title is prolly in the friend cathegory. – m. pryce 2019

“father figure” – matieu pryce 2019
“red 10” – matieu pryce 2019
“sorrow, 5” – matieu pryce 2019

"all is timeless of the none"