The less obvious technique described…


With paint shop pro 7.0 this mending technique leaves no limits. Take a piece of anything and make whatever you like. Mostly used for a digital brush is a photo of one of my palettes. Hence the study. This is a random technique as you fetch pixels from one place and paste it into a combination on another. Quite the puzzle. The “nome-de-guerre” of algorithms it is of course also possible to use a black square (no-photo) if you don’t wan’t to cheat. Usually I can prove this technique by you providing an given outcome of what there is to be and by what pattern (photo) it should be made. You are free to challenge me of course in CONTACT. The result is never entirely random thew a tint devine as if “out-of-touch” with the “one-click-away movement.”self

Estimation is all it takes. Now iffin’ I were to make a portrait of you in my image what would you wan’t it to look like?

thisbeThe presence of anyones. The person that doesn’t exist. “Frame-set-reality” showdown. What next?

mrmd Too much tv.

Or skype me for a made portrait: matieu.pryce
Price negotiated. (Additional costs at available hours.)

"all is timeless of the none"