the mergant of a new non-beginning

“sketch, friend” – matieu pryce 2018

“abstraction, friend” – matieu pryce 2018
“man” – matieu pryce 2018
“psi-core” – char dev, matieu pryce 2018
“sketch” – matieu pryce 2018
“red” – char dev, matieu pryce 2018
“abe” – matieu pryce 2018
“two-faced” – matieu pryce 2018
“new-on-one” – matieu pryce 2018

Testing other programs as long as they are free like me. Beign work on “human calculations” – 2018. The impossible impolite.

A vision in new. A sanctuary in dark. The misty might of what should be cannot be more than what it is.

Still experimenting after all these years.


“mr. shade” – abstract, matieu pryce 2018

Work entirely done without photographical effects (althought thoroughly affectuated). In the abstract-void a perfect image is making what can not be done.
Man-over-machine wise an uncountable manner of calculations takes place. Never-know what the result is the trouble is where to start.
A prepositions drawn-made-wrong is not possible why all that is made-makes what can not be un-done (yet erased).

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The first model is free…


“fox” – matieu pryce 2018

The notion if you can make “one thing” you can make them all is denied.

Since I have lately faced accusations of gaiety and otherwise amongst friends…I shall challenge the first contender/model/woman in such to rid me of any false rumours/allegations/talk-news in prosperity-demise…First of all nature described here is only human which affirms the mind-over-machine cathegory…So if you think you are beautiful enough…My first model will not demand exchange…Sketched of course no excuse nor pity found in nature…So byte-the-bait and be ready-made…


“ctrl-C” – matieu pryce 2018

"all is timeless of the none"