point 4th dimension an premiss for real 3d

As you well know. The illusion of onscreen 3d depends on shades. Forgot my attempt not to illude with outlines. Thinking of nothing. The imposition of a “nones” or zeroes versus antigraphs. No outlines does not necessarily apply an antigraph nor does points. The perspective in the towards or out of the object does not create the subject. So what would an interactive graphic look like? Something interchangeable in a matter of fact realistic yet processed. So what is genuine about my technique? Nothing is real you might believe; thew the essentialist prevolutionary might say it is coloured by personality. Fabricated photoes or other less demanding artificial computer graphics does interfer with a sense of reality perhaps and/or this is not where we begun. The motion engines maybe or automatic paintings would make use of a webcamera and some sort of an contrast reader. Lately however looking into the 4th dimension as theorized shades of; contend the 3rd dimension. 6 squares in a cube reading rooms might create real 3d? Or is it impossible due the circular nature of the 3d camera? It catches around-wise. Tick-Tock movement catches time. So then: What would a cross in the forth dimension look like? A circle, a cube, a point or the shadow of the 4th dimensional cross. My attempt to conquer the 4th dimension did not succeed 20 years ago. Thew i kind of think i’d be closer if the graphs moved out of the screen in a matter. Rather the perspective object to subject counter subject to object. In a way this ghastly dimension is the mind of the artist.

The last two years has been a journey on and about my photo of oil palette digital brush and studies. Exceeding the machine in calculations by influence of coffee. Yet one must to master a such. Mind over matter as you know.

Little or no value has been created for my own amusement entirely.

Be the first to enter the fourth dimension by modelling. Thew all of these digital pieces are done by impression. I profoundly insist the first of you to give me a chance on realism will affect my psyche for the better by instantly forcing me to draw the lines (counteurs of the invisible).

P.S. Not actually done yet

Cheers…Matieu Pryce – oct. 20th 2017

"all is timeless of the none"