Anyone whom may find interest in a signed digital piece of artwork by the artist himself (a.k.a. matieu pryce) should check POZE and CONTACT. If you demand an oil painting both time and expense would differ. You would also have to sit model on skype. The more rational choice of an digital piece merely requires an photo and an email address (plus benefits). If you Be so kind to send me an email with an attached photo which I shall not use for a layer-background and whatever funds you desire to estimate suitable payment. Aprx. an hundred euros or so later I shall convince you it would be quite an investment and by excellent distribution of the portrait on my site (however voluntary-please add to your collection of art) with more than one million hits, I assure you; you would get famous. With over 25 years of experience, however self-taught, I guess most of you would find I belong in the cathegory of pioneers within the digital movement and accordingly deserves recognition and some for the emphasis on essentialist art, it be old-new or RAM staking – neither thew all the more fun for me. Those of you who like to look at the site from time to time – amusing or not – feel free to donate. Allthough there is little expense on maintaining the site, my time is precious as yours! Be inventive. Be kind. Let others depict the momentual joy of making an excuse for reality! I can draw you a char-dev, demon or slightly retro-realistic piece in 1920×1280 px. Eventhough essentially I know you would be able to do it yourself, the certainty of someone whom has coloured digital art with personality and creativity maybe persuades you the name wouldn’t have the same ring to it. Digitally – painting you is about a couple of hours worth work and I am available mostly around the clock. Also the more beautiful you are, the more publicity I get. This site contains of more than 10000 graphical pieces and an widely accepted specialist in retro digital face structures – as me – requires little or no infamy to endure making you famous. The image would serve no justification if it were too realistic. Realism died with photography. I calculate with about 2000-5000 moves for any digital artwork. And am currently working with a copy of a photo of my oil-palette for an digital artbrush (this for about two years).

___”the fruit of reality is what bytes”

Sincerely Matieu Pryce

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"all is timeless of the none"