Miniatures in appearancy…

The object to the subject vice versa. Estimate and/or zoom. To perform evident. Any single point of view. Indeed looks may deceive. The figured whence of just about any descent artist seems to me; you may illude yourself too much, at times, thew there will always be a tint of innocence left: Which is what defines you. Think of miniature images and the the way they begin at large hence can only get smaller. Focus, time and precise technique; it is absolutely possible to apologize or no; making the illusion of just about anything never get real. Made in dimensions 1920×1280 pixels the manner of fact not forgotten a digital experience will always contain of bits and pieces. Puzzled or not – make a shot; and maybe you will find comfort in the almost limitless prospect of an beginning and an end that remains. You never know what’s next in where you are going: Before you tried, that is. The essentialist dedicate of today forms and shapes things out of appearantly nothing and includes “the many” in difference to what is; in other words an extra-reality for each touch and stroke makes any bitsy move more of what is next. Painting died with photography yet was reborn in a machine. Thank you geniouses!

–matieu pryce 2017

"all is timeless of the none"