A liaisons shame…

androgyntwoLove is like a poor man’s greed.

Two timing the silent names. In a portrait of clouds the veil unfolds. To deem the audience.

To attend romance. The doomed prosperity of shame. I hold no name.

To sense a vision of dreams. The paid liots shun like a snake in paradise. The snake devoured the sun.

For a distant skyline. The insult of command. You see a man in a sweater full of dirt. The cascading lights shimmer like disdained ladies. To refrain the permanent. Am I trapped in my own nightmare?

Que jeune que vivre!

The inverted frames of passion. All this time of late night amnesia and feverous delusions. The vision of consequence. Thus of what you wrote. And for all you thought I were. The enigma of sweet love in tenderous lyre. A forever Yours my love.

Sincerely Spoken


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